ESS Turnkey Solutions

Leading company with technology of Power Electronic Industry and Renewable energy conversion device

  • Consulting and Suggestions
    Consulting and Suggestions
    • Power Pattern Analysis - Information Collecting through KEPCO i-Smart
    • Derivation of electricity rate reduction plan
    • ESS Optimal capacity calculation – Battery, PCS optimal capacity calculation
    • Business feasibility analysis - Total Cost and Use Impact Analysis
      • Payback and ROI analysis
  • Design and Construction
    Design and Construction
    • Establishment of on-site installation plan
    • optimal installation plan
    • ESS installation
      • Move and install In site
      • Installation of battery and PCS
      • Grid-linked construction and test drive
    • Pre-use inspection and facility confirmation
  • Maintenance service
    Maintenance service
    • EMS based Remote Management Services
      • Web-based Cloud Services
      • PCS remote control
      • Real-time monitoring and performance analysis
      • CCTV monitoring available
      • Remote Fault Diagnosis
      • SMS, E-mail alarm service